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Easter Candy Cheat Sheet |Weight Watchers Smart Points Edition

We all know that while the real reason for Easter is celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, confectioners all over the place have made the Easter season an amazing time to find awesome candies and chocolates to celebrate the season as well.  I know there are candies and treats that each one of us get excited over, and it’s really easy to have an extra piece (or 5) and have those calories and Points Plus values add up before we know it.  That’s why I’ve compiled a list of some of the major Easter themed treats out there and put the Points Plus values of these springtime goodies right on the list.  With this Easter Candy Weight Watchers Points Plus Cheat Sheet, you can enjoy your treats while knowing exactly what they’ll cost you. Below are some of the more popular treats.  Sorry I couldn’t get every single one, but that would have taken me until Christmas to write up for you.   Please note that for many of these I divided the information up into what a single serving would cost as well as what 2 servings would cost , because we all know that sometimes a single serving just isn’t enough.  :-)

Nestlé Crunch Egg: 4 PPV (8 PPV for 2 eggs)
Snickers Egg: 4 PPV (9 PPV for 2 eggs)
Twix Egg: 4 PPV (8 PPV for 2 eggs)
Jelly beans
Starburst Jellybeans (Fave Reds): 40g (about 1/4 cup) 4 PPV (7 ppv for 2 servings)
Brach’s Classic Jellybeans (14 pieces): 4 PPV (8 PPV for 2 servings)
M&Ms Milk Chocolate (1/4 C (42g) serving): 6 PPV (11 PPV for 2 servings)
M&Ms White Chocolate (1/4 C (42g) serving): 6 PPV (12 PPV for 2 servings)
Whoppers Robin Eggs (24 piece serving): 5 PPV; Entire 4oz carton: 15 PPV
Russel Stover Solid Chocolate Bunny (small):
1/2 bunny (43g): 7 PPV
Whole bunny: 13 PPV
Russell Stover Solid Chocolate Bunny (Large):
1/5 bunny (50g): 6 PPV
Whole Bunny: 30 PPV
Lindt Giant Chocolate Bunny(17.6 oz)
1 Serving (40g..there are 12.5 servings per bunny): 6 PPV
2 Servings: 12 PPV
Entire Bunny: 75 PPV (Sorry..I had to put that in there)
Reese’s Egg-Milk Chocolate (1.2 oz egg):
5 PPV/ 1 egg
10 PPV/ 2 eggs
Reese’s Egg –White Chocolate (1.2oz egg):
5 PPV/ 1 egg
10 PPV/ 2 eggs
Reese’s Eggs (fun size): 2 PPV for 1 egg, 5 PPV for 2 eggs
Reese’s Eggs wrapped in colored foil (4 pieces per serving):
1 Serving: 6 PPV
2 Servings (8 eggs): 11 PPV
1 egg: 1 PPV
XL Reese’s Egg:
1/4 egg: 6 PPV
1/2 egg: 13 PPV
Whole egg: 25 PPV
Cadbury Mini Eggs- Milk Chocolate (12 pieces per serving/ 7 Servings per bag):
1 Serving: 5 PPV
2 Servings: 10 PPV
Cadbury Mini Eggs- White Chocolate (12 pieces per serving/ 6 servings per bag):
1 Serving: 5 PPV
2 Servings: 11 PPV
Single cadbury
Cadbury Mini Eggs (milk chocolate) single serving bags: 6 PPV
Cadbury Creme Egg (original): 4 PPV/1 egg; 9 PPV/2 eggs
Cadbury Caramel Egg: 5 PPV/1 egg; 9 PPV/2 eggs
Cadbury Chocolate Creme Egg: 5 PPV/1 egg; 9 PPV/2 eggs
Russell Stover Brownie Egg: 4 PPV
Russell Stover Cookie Dough Egg: 4 PPV
Russell Stover Red Velvet Egg: 4 PPV
Russell Stover Wedding Cake Egg (my new favorite!): 4 PPV
Russell Stover Vanilla Cream Egg: 3 PPV
Peeps Chicks (traditional Peeps):
4 PPV/5 chicks
1 PPV/ 1 chick
Peeps Bunnies:
3 PPV/ 4 bunnies
2 PPV/ 2 bunnies
1 PPV/ 1 bunny
Peeps Chicks with chocolate dipped bottoms (not pictured):
5 PPV/ 3 chicks
2 PPV/ 1 chick
Peeps Sweet Lemonade:
4 PPV/ 5 chicks
2 PPV/ 3 chicks
1 PPV/ 1 chick
Peeps Bubble Gum:
4 PPV/ 5 chicks
2 PPV/ 3 chicks
1 PPV/ 1 chick
Peeps Sour Watermelon:
3 PPV/ 5 chicks
2 PPV/ 3 chicks
1 PPV/ 1 chick
Peeps Blue Raspberry:
3 PPV/ 5 chicks
2 PPV/ 3 chicks
1 PPV/ 1 chick
Limited Edition Peeps (Vanilla, Strawberry and Orange)
3 PPV/3 chicks
1 PPV/2 chicks
(individually wrapped filled chocolate pieces)
Milk Chocolate (5 pieces/serving):
5 PPV/5 pieces
1 PPV/ 1 piece
12 PPV/ 10 pieces
Dark Chocolate (5 pieces/serving):
6 PPV/ 5 pieces
1 PPV/1 piece
11 PPV/ 10 pieces
Milk Chocolate Covered Peep (my favorite discovery this Easter season)
3 PPV/ 1 chocolate covered treat
6 PPV/ 2 chocolate covered treats
There you have it my friends.  I hope this post helps you choose your Easter treats a little more wisely and track them a little more accurately.  I love so many of the candies and treats offered this time of year and it’s 110% okay to go ahead and indulge in whichever one is your treat of choice.  Knowing what to track your indulgence for will make it a lot easier to go ahead and enjoy a treat without throwing your plan out of whack.