Weight Watchers FreeStyle Plan One Week Menu Plan

Snacks with 2 Weight Watchers Smart Points

Dannon Activia light nonfat yogurt, strawberry (1 container)
Pop Secret Kettle corn popcorn (1 cup)
One-half cup sliced or baby carrots and 2 tablespoons hummus
hard-boiled egg (1)
Wheat thins whole grain crackers (8)
Sensible portions garden veggie straws with sea salt (22 straws)
Pistachios, in shells (22)
Carrots with 2 Tbsp. reduced fat ranch dressing
Sargento Light Mozzarella Cheese stick wrapped in 2 oz. sliced turkey
Tri-color pepper strips, 9 baked low-fat tortilla chips and fat-free salsa
1 scrambled egg with fat-free salsa
1 pear, 1 Weight Watcher string cheese and 7 almonds
Thick sliced carrots dipped in  3 Tbsp. guacamole
3 cups light microwave popcorn
Goldfish snack crackers, baked cheddar (30 pieces)
Fit & Active rice cakes (8 mini cakes)
Crispix cereal, dry ( 1/2 cup)
Butterball turkey bacon (5 slices)

Snacks with 3 Weight Watchers Smart Points

Snacks with 4 Weight Watchers Smart Points

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