Weight Watchers FreeStyle Plan One Week Menu Plan

Burger King Menu with Weight Watchers SmartPoints

Burger King

Whopper Junior w/o mayo (8 SP)
Tender Grill Chicken Sandwich w/o mayo (8 SP)
6 Piece Chicken Nuggets (8 SP)
BBQ salad- Tendergrill- no dressing (8 SP)
Side Garden Salad and avocado ranch dressing (8 SP)
Veggie Burger w/o mayo (9 SP)
Cheeseburger (9 SP)
Ranch Grilled Chicken Wrap (9 SP)
Big Fish Sandwich w/o tarter sauce (10 SP)
Chicken Caesar Garden Fresh Salad Wrap- grilled (10 SP)
Side Caesar Salad and dressing (10 SP)

Probably stay away from the Ultimate Breakfast Platter (52 WW SP)!

Consider trying one of these two Burger King smart point lunch ideas instead:
1. Big Fish Sandwich without tarter sauce and water. (10 WW SP)
2. Tender Grill Chicken Sandwich without mayo and water. (8 WW SP)

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