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How to Follow Weight Watchers SmartPoints Program

Weight Watchers has updated their Points Plus system to the new SmartsPoints Program now. Here’s what has changed!

On the Weight Watcher’s home page it talks about how you can have an egg for 2 points and add healthy options like tomatoes and scallions for 0 points, and low fat cheddar cheese (2 points) and canadian bacon (2 points). The omelet would come out to be 6 points and you’d have 24 points left over for the day.

This new diet almost sounds to me like a low carb friendly diet which I’ve already been trying to follow already. Now, I can just incoporate the new points. Whenever I find out the calculation for posting the Smart Points,  I will definitely share it.

Points Calculations:

For Points Plus, Weight Watchers always used a special calculation that was based off of carbohydrates, protein, fat, and fiber. With the new SmartsPoints program, Weight Watchers is now using a calculation based off of fat. SmartPoints are calculated using calories, saturated fat, sugar, and protein.

Saturated fats are higher in points. Lean protein has fewer points than a protein with higher fats.

Fruits and vegetables are still considered zero points. Foods high in carbs are still the same, so they will be pretty high. Figures right? Don’t eat that dessert.

You have a SmartPoints target and Weekly Smart Points Target to get to and your go is eat healthier!

SmartPoints Target:

Most people will find that they will be allowed more points per day. 30 is the new minimum daily target. People who get under 30 points a day will also find they have more points.

Weekly Points:

On Points Plus members received an extra daily allowance of 49 points to be used whenever you wanted througout the week. I didn’t ever use my extra points most of the time. The new weekly points calculation will range from 21-42