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Jeni's Succes Story Losing 85 pounds with Weight Watchers

Name Jeni
Age 33
Height 5’5″
Was 219.8 lbs
Lost 85 lbs*
Weight 134.8 lbs
As of 9/7/2011

As a lifelong yo-yo dieter, Jeni was convinced that long-term weight loss was unattainable. But when she tagged along to a Weight Watchers meeting as moral support for a friend, she decided to give the Plan a try. Now a proud meetings member, Jeni is celebrating her success as well as her new, confident outlook on life.

In Jeni’s Words:
I had lost weight before, but it was always a very “black or white” endeavor for me. Either I was 100% committed and focused, or I told myself I couldn’t do it. I could sustain that intensity for only so long, and then obstacles would come along, derail my efforts, and I’d gain the weight back. I attended my first meeting with a friend who’d asked me to come with her. Although I knew that I had weight to lose, I had convinced myself that I wasn’t ready.

Getting started
I approached my first week on Weight Watchers with the attitude of, “Fine, I’ll follow the Program, and when I don’t lose weight, I won’t have to feel guilty for not having tried.” My second time on a Weight Watchers scale changed all of that. I lost weight without starving myself, without working out incessantly, while still eating foods I loved—even dessert every night! That was when I knew I was ready to lose weight. I’d found a program that would work for me, that would fit into my life, and that would allow me the opportunity to be happy and healthy without having to be perfect.

Taking some “me time”
Initially, learning to put myself first meant just getting to my weekly meeting. But as I saw results—how my stress level would go down, how my confidence would soar, how my energy and focus would increase—I started to look for other ways I could tune into myself outside of the meeting room. Committing to meetings led to committing to fulfilling other needs for myself in a healthy way.

Fitting in fitness
As I started to lose weight, my energy level started to rise and I started looking for small ways to “sneak” activity into my days. I began getting off the subway a stop early, walking a few extra blocks before catching the bus, and taking the stairs instead of the elevator. I asked for a Nintendo Wii as a Christmas gift and began playing a cardio boxing game as well as doing yoga with Wii Fit. After having lost about 50 pounds, I finally joined the gym. I usually do cardio: the treadmill, exercise bike, or elliptical. I still walk as much as I can and play the Wii games whenever I get a chance—or whenever I just want to have some fun!

Using eTools:
I love the Weight Tracker because it lets me see trends that I wouldn’t have otherwise noticed in my weight loss. I also like the Recipe Genie because it allows me to find recipes using foods that I already have or that I have heard about in meetings and want to try. Using it encouraged me to try new foods instead of getting stuck in a rut with my usual meals. I also use the Weight Watchers Community quite frequently to get ideas and inspiration between meetings.

The new Jeni
I used to just wear old hand-me-downs or clothes I’d buy without even taking them into the fitting room, because I hated being faced with my size. Now, I love to shop and discover new styles that complement my size and shape.

But, the main thing I love about the new me is the confidence I’ve discovered. I feel in control of my life and my choices now, not just with food, but with things like my career and my relationships as well. I can identify what I want, make a plan to achieve it, and believe in myself that I will get there.

Advice for others
My biggest piece advice for others trying to lose weight is to be patient with yourself. When I would start getting frustrated with myself in this journey, I’d remind myself: “You’re here to learn to be kind to yourself. This is about taking care of you. Guilt, shame and regrets are not kind, and have no place in your new way of thinking and living.” I can’t undo something by hitting ‘rewind’ but I can undo it with the choices I make going forward.

Source: Weight Watchers

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