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weight watchers best recipes | Recipe Roundup: Frozen Treats

These rich, sweet frozen desserts deliver incredible flavour with minimal effort

Ice box cake, freezer pies, homemade sorbet and more: there are so many delicious frozen ways to end a meal. Some boast fresh summer melon and others are packed with chocolatey goodness. But every one of them is a crowd pleaser.

Raspberry Frozen Yogurt Pie
Vanilla frozen yogurt and sweet-tart raspberries are swirled together and frozen in an almond-graham cracker crust.

Frozen Chocolate Mint Dessert
A perfect summer indulgence. Keep a stash in your freezer for when the mood strikes.
Margarita Pie
The pretzel crust is a great salty contrast to the tart lime filling. It's like a frozen margarita you can eat with a fork!
Cookies and Cream Freezer Cake
Try this old-fashioned ice box cake with a light twist. Or make it even richer with chocolate pudding.
Watermelon Pops
Made with fresh fruit, lemon juice and a touch of honey, these pops are very kid-friendly.
Honey Dew Sorbet
Make it in an ice cream machine or in your freezer. Honeydew is wonderful paired with fresh summer basil.

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