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Sammy: My Weight Watchers Tips and Tricks

I started writing this post in October of last year!!  I’m glad that I’m finally getting around to finishing and posting it!  I am a HUGE believer in the Weight Watcher program and I love spreading the love word!!
It’s a long one but I PROMISE you it’s worth the read!!   :)

I’ve talked about Weight Watchers a few times on the blog, mainly to spread the good word.  I’m not into fad diets, I don’t support starving yourself or taking extreme measures to reach a certain weight.

I do believe in a “healthy weight”, which is unique for EVERYONE!  I believe in eating foods from all the food groups, nourishing your body and feeling good about yourself!  I believe in indulging and enjoying without over-stuffing and feeling sick.  I don’t believe in punishing yourself for “eating badly” or, vice versa, rewarding yourself with food because, honestly, we’re not dogs! 😉 I don’t believe in “starting Monday”.

I always knew of Weight Watchers because I remembered my mom doing it when I was younger.  She went to meetings, checked everything she ate in her WW points book and wrote down everything that she ate in her journal.  It was a community, a gathering of (mostly, at the time) women supporting each other through one of life’s hardest feats….getting – and staying – healthy!

I always had an athletic build and I played tennis in high school.  I went off to college and participated in late-night all-the-time eating and, since no one was there to stop me, I pretty much went for it!

I had gained some weight (obviously!) my first 3 years at college.  I didn’t even notice it until I saw myself in pictures, like the one below!! – that’s when I knew I wanted had to make a change!

I strictly followed Weight Watchers the summer after my junior year of college and it helped me safely, slowly and effectively lose about 20 lbs.  I continued to follow it loosely for the next couple of years.  It became intuitive in nature to me – I basically knew the points for everything and anything that I ate and I kept a mental list.  It gave me structure and I loved it.  I then strictly followed it again after both of my boys were born, losing 40 lbs and 55 lbs, respectively.

I didn’t go to meetings but I had great family support (my poor husband boyfriend at the time, we ate in A LOT senior year!!), a scale at home and the willpower to JUST DO IT!  If you choose to start a Weight Watchers journey and pay, go to meetings, invest the time and money…that’s great!  If not, that’s great too!  And you’ll need the list below to help you


Here are some more tips and tricks (especially if you’re doing WW without going to meetings!) that worked for me that MAY work for you too….

Utilize a home scale.  This one DEFINITELY may not be for everyone!  If you have/had an unhealthy relationship with the scale before (for example, weighing yourself multiple times a day) do not follow this tip!  I used the scale as accountability and to help me see my progress.  I weighed in every week and recorded it.  I still check in every week or so.  (Maintenance is a journey as well!)
Drink water.  If you think you’re drinking enough water, DRINK MORE!  Stay away from juice, soda or other calorie-laden liquids….the best option is always water!!  Water, water, water!  Always have a water bottle with you, take it with you like you take your cell phone or your car keys.  Hydration is huge!!  Ok, did I say it enough? 😉
Utilize a food scale/measuring cups.  I LOVED my food scale when I was actively counting WW points.  And that’s a main reason why I LOVED eating home….I knew EXACTLY what I was eating, how much of it I was eating and how many calories (and therefore, points!) it had!  I measured out everything – it was fun for me.  The food scale opened my eyes to portion control.  It’s amazing how much over eating we do!!
Individually wrapped candy/cookies/snacks.  WW is awesome because NOTHING is off limits….and, as you can tell by the name of my blog, I am a dessert-lover!  100 calorie packs of cookies and Halloween candy were – and still are – favorites of mine!  Who can be trusted with a whole package of Oreos or a 250-calorie Snickers bar?? I can’t!  But when they’re individually wrapped and only 50-100 calories each they’re much more manageable!  (PS – now you’ll never look at the Halloween candy the same again!  You’re welcome :))
Canned chicken breast in water.  I still eat this 1-2x a week because it’s delicious!! A little mayo (or mustard!) goes a long way and you have a protein-packed, low-fat, low-calorie lunch…or dinner! Put it on a salad or some low-cal, high-fiber bread and you’re good to go!
Use spices and low-calorie condiments.  Spices are a GREAT way to add a ton of flavor to your meals, with no calories!!!  There are also condiments, like mustard, that pack a punch with only about 5 calories (0 points!) per serving!
MOVE!  This is a really important one!  Just GET ACTIVE!!  Do more than you were doing…don’t waste away on the couch watching TV!  I’m not saying sign up for a marathon or go run a 5k tomorrow…just do more, move more…in turn you’ll live more, I promise you that!!
DON’T CHEAT YOURSELF.  A diet program change in your lifestyle will not work for you unless YOU want it for YOU!  Sneaking food or not journaling a “mistake” is only cheating yourself….and you deserve better than that!! TRUTH: a cookie eaten in the kitchen, over the sink, while no one is home IS STILL A COOKIE EATEN!! :)
Find support.  An online group, a Facebook group, co-workers, family members or friends…you need people that will support you in the changes you are making.  Someone that you can check in with from time to time, to help keep you on the right track!
No one is perfect!  When you follow a diet it’s black and white…you either follow the diet or not.  When you make a lifestyle change it’s a process and it’s a new learned behavior.  Help yourself – do all the things that you can do to make yourself successful and that is all you can ask for!  :)

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