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Weight Watchers Cookbooks

New Complete Cookbook

More than 500 recipes; 60 photos; 464 pages
December 30, 2014
Eating right – and eating well – is a snap with the newest edition of the best-selling NEW COMPLETE COOKBOOK. With more than 500 recipes for contemporary and exciting dishes, plus tips and techniques to help cooks of all skill levels. Included is an all-new Cooking School section that includes kitchen tools, essential how-to information with illustrations, and a glossary of cooking terms. Enjoy all your food – from tapas and cocktails, to easy grilled meals and mainstay must-haves such as slow cooker dishes, 20-minute meals, and family favorites.
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Cook it Fast…250 Recipes in 15, 20, 30 Minutes

250 recipes, 80 color photographs, 384 pages
August 5th, 2014
Really hungry? In a rush? Weight Watchers Cook It Fast has 250 delicious, healthful, quick and easy recipes that will help you put food on the table in thirty minutes or less. Weight Watchers Cook It Fast has you covered for every meal of the day--and desserts too! You'll find ideas for breakfasts to get you going, lunches you can enjoy at home or on the go, robust dinners, and much, much more. Weight Watchers Cook It Fast relies on fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and seafood, low-fat/fat-free dairy and whole grains to create tasty, satisfying dishes to fit your busy lifestyle.
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What to Cook Now

300 recipes, 70 color photographs, 416 pages
December 24, 2013

Whether you're a novice or seasoned cook, this complete guide on cooking the Weight Watchers way—that is, satisfying, healthy fare—will supply you with all the tools you need for getting flavorful meals on the table without spending hours in the kitchen. An all-encompassing compendium that includes more than three hundred recipes—everything from speedy weeknight dinners, weekend big-batch fare, basic "foundation" recipes (think stocks and sauces done easy!) or meals and menus ideal for entertaining--this cookbook also includes the latest techniques and tools that real cooks will use again and again.
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50th Anniversary Cookbook

250 recipes, 45 color photographs, 352 pages
April 30, 2013

For fifty years, Weight Watchers has built on a foundation of solid weight loss programs—and Weight Watchers 50th Anniversary Cookbook celebrates this with a collection of popular and best-loved recipes. Weight Watchers 50th Anniversary Cookbook contains 250 delicious dishes, everything from appetizers to desserts, all updated to reflect the latest flavors, tastes and cooking habits of today's consumers.
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Ultimate Chicken Cookbook

250 recipes, 50 color photographs, 384 pages
September 3, 2013

Everyone loves chicken—it's delicious, versatile, economical, and perfect for everything from quick weekday dinners to leisurely weekend meals. It's also a go-to ingredient for anyone trying to lose weight.
These chicken recipes are loved by Weight Watchers members and anyone interested in cooking (and eating) delicious, satisfying dishes. The best are all here, in easy-to-use categories.
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One Pot Cookbook

More than 300 recipes, 100 photos, 384 pages
December 20th, 2011

You'll find over 300 delicious and comforting one-pot recipes that include casseroles, pastas, soups and stews, light stir-fries, and desserts-all accompanied by 100 beautiful, 4-color photographs. Organized by type of cooking vessel-everything from casserole dishes, skillets, woks, saucepans, slow cookers, pressure cookers, even specialty equipment such as fondue pots-this book lets you make the most of your kitchen tools while cooking delicious meals for the whole family.
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